Children & Young People – Counselling

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Counselling can help children and young people with worries and difficulties they are experiencing. Talking as well as activities such as play, art-making, music and mindulness can help with putting words to thoughts and feelings. Expressing these help with worries but also can help a child or young person feel better about themselves and consider ways to manage some of their worries.

Research has evidenced play as an effective therapeutic tool to help children with difficulties ranging from trauma to emotional and behavioural difficulties. My work with children under 12 will use a great deal of self-directed play but at times if appropriate more directive approaches can be taken. I provide a range of toys and art materials that can be used in imaginative play, story making, art making or structured games and activities.

In the first instance I will speak with or meet with a parent of guardian of child prior to meeting with a child. This meeting is to find out what is concerning you and why you feel therapeutic support would be beneficial. Following this I will ask you to provide further information on your child’s development and history and agree a date to meet with you and your child or your child on their own (depending on age and stage of development).

When you bring your child to counselling they may feel comfortable to stay on their own but if they don’t I will invite you to stay. For some children, it may take a few sessions before they feel comfortable.

If you have any questions regarding therapeutic support for you child, please get in touch.