Relationship Counselling

Relationship Counselling is for couples and individuals and focuses on any issues that are having a negative impact on your relationship(s) and personal well-being. It might include issues, such as anxiety, depression, self- esteem, stress, communication difficulties, sexual, family and financial issues, amongst others. It might be that you are considering leaving your relationship and need to explore this option. It really can be any issue of concern to you that is affecting you and your relationships.

Relationship counselling with individuals focuses on exploring issues that affect your personal well-being and your ability to have a fulfilling life and healthy personal relationships. This could be relationships with romantic partners, family, friendships or work colleagues or even the relationship you have with yourself . As such individual relationship counselling might consider patterns in your relationships and previous experiences as well other factors in your personal background and how this might contribute to how you relate to others.

It is not uncommon for relationship counselling to take place on individual basis when couple counselling is not feasible. Sometimes, taking time to reflect on your self can be the basis for making changes elsewhere in your life.

Couples counselling equally focuses on the individual patterns and experiences each partner brings, but the focus is very much on working towards a shared goal for the relationship rather than an individual goal. Read more about couple counselling .